Kommandant's Korner

Shopping and Purchases/Non-Purchases at AirVenture 2019 (August 2019)

Trip to Yuma to Kill the Bird of Peace (September 2019)

The "Bug Blocker" Blocks Too Well (October 2019)

The Skywagon goes to Scottsdale AZ and Henderson NV (November 2019)

Kommandant Outwits The Weather Gods (December 2019)

Flyout to Kern Valley (January 2020)

How the Piper Pawnee Became the Ubiquitous Tow Plane (February 2020)

Remembering John Bush and Lee Erb (March 2020)

Did You Notice All of the Rain? (April 2020)

COVID Musings (May 2020)

More COVID Fretting (June 2020)

Normalcy Starts to Return, Then Leaves (July 2020)

COVID Pontificating, Travel Plans (August 2020)

Annual Inspection, Flight Review, and trip to Jackson Hole under COVID (September 2020)

Installing SureFly Electronic Ignition (October 2020)

Troubleshooting CO Alerts (November 2020)

KWJF Runway Project, CO Troubleshooting (December 2020)

Whining About Insurance and ADs (January 2021)

Evaluation of a Best Tugs Aircraft Tug (February 2021)

Kommandant Recommends Machat YouTube (March 2021)

Kommandant Inspects Low Cay Facilities (April 2021)

Kommandant Pulls The Handles (May 2021)

The Kommandant Exercises Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) (June 2021)

Troubleshooting a Failing Alternator (July 2021)

Cleaning out the Kommandant's Kwarters (August 2021)

Remembering September 11th 20 years later (September 2021)

The Kommandant's Farewell Speech (October 2021)

The Kommandant Has Left The Building (November 2021)

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