Kommandant's Korner


Where Were You? (October 1996)

Thanks for Fox Field National Air Races (November 1996)

Election Results (December 1996)


Chapter 1000 Goals (January 1997)

Someone at EAA HQ is listening to us (February 1997)

Synergy (March 1997)

Phone Call From EAA HQ (April 1997)

Building the Chapter Booth (May 1997)

Thanks for help at the fly-in (June 1997)

P4 failed to submit his column (July 1997) -- read the weak excuses

Final Column by P5 (August 1997) -- Project Police Past President Pelletier

Address from the Interim President (September 1997) -- the "interim" President would serve until the Chapter Closed in November 2021

Nominate Yourself! (October 1997)

Edwards Open House and Fox Field National Air Races (November 1997)

Happy Holidays! (December 1997)


Flying to Santa Catalina Island (January 1998)

EAA Chapter Leadership Seminar (February 1998)

Fantastic Feb! (March 1998)

Happy Spring! (April 1998)

Edwards Open House, Meeting Ideas (May 1998)

Thanks for the Horowitz Fly-In (June 1998)

Summertime...and the flyin' is easy... (July 1998)

Oshkosh, Edwards AFB Open House (August 1998)

Meeting Time Experiments (September 1998)

Edwards AFB Open House (October 1998)

AOPA Annual Convention (November 1998)

Operation PROVIDE SCHMOOZE (December 1998)


Kommandant Out Of Country, Fails To Submit Column (January 1999)

Assault On Flabob Imminent (February 1999)

It's Good To Have Fun Again (March 1999)

Sun'n Fun Trip and Horowitz Fly-In (April 1999)

Project Police in Pacific Flyer (May 1999)

Flight Advising for the Boredom Fighter (June 1999)

Thanx for Horowitz Fly-In (July 1999)

Preparing for Edwards Open House (August 1999)

Summer Fly-In Events (September 1999)

The Kommandant Fails To Submit His Column (October 1999)

Excuses, Elections Are Coming (November 1999)

Chapter Elections Completed (December 1999)


Cessnas Y2K Compliant, TPS Has Moved (January 2000)

Preparation for Flabobian Assault, Search For A Young Eagles Coordinator (February 2000)

Congratulations for a Successful Operation Rubidoux Sundown VIII (March 2000)

Call for Young Eagle Coordinator (April 2000)

Cross Country to Colorado Springs (May 2000)

Fly-In Thanks (June 2000)

Debut of Rosales' RV-8A (July 2000)

Oshkosh Awards (August 2000)

Golden West Fly-In (September 2000)

Noise Violation, Instrument Approaches, and KEDW Open House (October 2000)

Indecision 2000! (November 2000)

Vote! Pulsar Flies (December 2000)


Looking Forward To My Final Year As President (January 2001) -- the joke's on him, as he would still be President 20 years later

Flight Testing the Rosales' RV-6A (February 2001)

Rain, Chapter Grill, New CFI-G (March 2001)

Call For Participation In Chapter Grill OT&E (April 2001)

Community (May 2001)

Lone Star Flight Museum (June 2001)

Thoughts on Increasing Chapter Engagement (July 2001)

Thoughts on Increasing Chapter Engagement (August 2001)

Invitation to the Aerospace Walk of Honor (September 2001)

Excessive Government Restrictions on GA (October 2001)

The Joys of Flying Just For Proficiency (November 2001)

Reflections on the Chapter in 2001 (December 2001)


The State of the Chapter Speech (January 2002)

AirSport Expo (February 2002)

Omitted for Higher Priority Article (March 2002)

Night Approaches at Fox (April 2002)

Inmpending Flight Instructor Shortage? (May 2002)

Tips For Summer Flying (June 2002)

Exercise Your Priviledge To Fly (July 2002)

Comments on AirVenture 2002 (August 2002)

Commemorative Air Force Briefing (September 2002)

AWOH Street Faire and Selling The Chapter Booth (October 2002)

Preparing For Winter Flying (November 2002)

The Frogs Desiring a King (December 2002)


Introducing the Chapter 1000 Free Dues Program (January 2003)

Reflections on the Columbia Tragedy (February 2003)

Poly Fiber Fire, Skywagon Overhaul (March 2003)

Installing the Overhauled Engine it the Fightin' Skywagon (April 2003)

Col Vern Saxon Aerospace Museum in Boron (May 2003)

Garmin GTX330 Transponder For The Fightin' Skywagon (June 2003)

Kommandant Flies To Banff Provincial Park (July 2003)

Jeff Byard's Vintage Glider Collection (August 2003)

Adding Access Panels to the Fightin' Skywagon (September 2003)

Operation Test of Chapter Booth Mk II Mod 0 at AWOH (October 2003)

Cold Weather Operations (November 2003)

Fightin' Skywagon Engine Inspection Update (December 2003)


Retrieving the Fightin' Skywagon (January 2004)

In Memoriam Dave Lazerson and the Demise of the Fightin' Skywagon (February 2004)

Search For A Replacement Fightin' Skywagon (March 2004)

Replacement Fightin' Skywagon Found (April 2004)

Fightin' Skywagon Transcontinental Functional Check Flight (May 2004)

Review of Recent Events (June 2004)

Review of Last Month's "Toward The Unknown" Extravaganza (July 2004)

Firefighting and Construction at Fox (August 2004)

Government Overreaction Against GA Flying (September 2004)

Aerospace Walk of Honor, Wings and Wheels (October 2004)

Review of Two Local Aircraft Accidents (November 2004)


Icing Forecasting (January 2005)

The Joys of Winter Flying on the Airlines (February 2005)

Steve Fossett's Successful Solo Circumnavigation (March 2005)

First Annual Inspection of VC-180 N2705K (April 2005)

Thanks for Supporting B-17G "Fuddy Duddy" Visit (May 2005)

Kommandant Lands In Heinous Winds (June 2005)

Kommandant's Security Rant (July 2005)

The Foolishness of Flying to the Low Desert in Summer (August 2005)

Emergency Race Car Tire Delivery Mission (September 2005)

Kommandant Visits National Museum of the Air Force (October 2005)

C2LPL Blowing Power Transistors (November 2005)

Solved: C2LPL Blowing Power Transistors (December 2005)


That "Niggling Feeling" (January 2006)

Kommandant Sent To Soaring Society of America Convention (February 2006)

Upcoming Events (March 2006)

The Weather Gods Want To Control You (April 2006)

Review of Aluminum Overcast Visit (May 2006)

Getting Ready for AirVenture 2006 (June 2006)

Density Altitude (July 2006)

Will LSA or VLJ Save Aviation? (August 2006)

Kommandant Rants About Airport Security (September 2006)

Kommandant Attends SFTE Symposium and Reno Air Races (October 2006)

Why Proficiency Flying Is Important (November 2006)

The Electric Skywagon Mod (December 2006)


Kommandant Not Available, Editor Guesses What He Would Have Said (January 2007)

Flying FTE Airmanship for USAF TPS (February 2007)

Garmin GNS 530 Removed For Upgrades (March 2007)

Skywagon Flies With Upgraded GNS 530W (April 2007)

Skywagon Tailwheel Trouble (May 2007)

Kommandant Runs Into Two Young Eagles Events (June 2007)

Fightin' Skywagon Goes To Johnson Creek and Other Locals (July 2007)

GA User Fees are a bad idea (August 2007)

Kommandant's Simulated Alaskan Cruise (September 2007) -- the Kommandant takes an Alaskan cruise, and thus fails to turn in his required submittal. Therefore multiple Alsakan Bearhawkers supplied pictures showing things the Kommandant might be doing

Kommandant Fights The Weather (October 2007)

Copperstate 2007 Report (November 2007)

Remembering Ed Lewis (December 2007)


Fightin' Skywagon Stats, Stormy Gets Railroaded Into Vice Kommandant Position (January 2008)

Proud Bird Restaurant, Project Police at Build-a-Bike (February 2008)

B-17, Bearhawk Coming (March 2008)

Aluminum Overcast Visit Hotwash (April 2008)

Kommandant Spends Birthday Pulling AI Out of Skywagon Panel (May 2008)

Kommandant's Perspective of Bearhawk Three Sigma's First Flight (June 2008)

Pleasure, Business, Service (July 2008)

Kommandant Threatens Abdication (September 2008)

Remembering "Crash" Jaspers (October 2008)

Gadgetosis Nervosa Attack!! (November 2008) -- Kommandant snags last Garmin 696 at AOPA Summit

Garmin 696 Operational Test Report (December 2008)


Kommandant Whines That He Can't Foist This Job Off on Anyone Else (January 2009) -- really, it's embarrassing. He would hold the job for 12 more years, and even then he only got rid of it by moving out of state and folding the chapter

Transitioning to Teach with Glass Cockpits (February 2009)

Kommandant Re-ups Night Currency (March 2009)

Operational Risk Management (April 2009)

Kommandant Celebrates Birthday at Airport Barbecue (May 2009)

Operational Risk Management (June 2009)

Kommandant, Opie, and Spouses Head Up North and Beat the Weather (July 2009)

Kommandant Serves as Safety Chase for Three Sigma's First Flight to Oshkosh (September 2009)

Kommandant Hosts Attends the Young Eagles Change Of Chairman Ceremony (October 2009)

Rotary Wings and Wheels Event (November 2009)

Pickup to Prius Ratio (December 2009)


Kommandant Prepares an ANZAC Trip (January 2010)

Kommandant Outwits The Weather (February 2010)

Kommandant Plays SR-71 Pilot (March 2010)

Kommandant Waxes Nostalgic (April 2010) -- The article he waxes nostalgic about Tips from the Toy Master

Kommandant Re-Ups CFI (May 2010)

Fightin' Skywagon Gets A Checkup (June 2010)

Kommandant Enroute To Johnson Creek Fly-In (July 2010)

Kommandant Goes Aerial Wine Tasting (August 2010)

Kommandant Protects Southern Border From Avian Invaders, Speaks At Watsonville Airshow (September 2010)

Kommandant Pays At Vegas (October 2010)

Kommandant Tired From Too Much Flying, AOPA Summit (November 2010)

Weather Delays Beget Successful Trip (December 2010)


Review of Festivus and Irvine's New Years Eve Party (January 2011)

Glasair First Flight, Aluminum Overcast, Plane Crazy (February 2011)

Kommandant Slogs Through Wintertime Commercial Aviation (March 2011)

Explanation of "Wheel Chocks" (April 2011)

Review of EAA B-17 Aluminum Overcast Visit (May 2011)

Kern Valley International Young Eagle Day (June 2011)

Kommandant Flies To Northern, High Altitude Locations (July 2011)

Massive Project Police Tactical Assault Force Descends On AirVenture 2011 (August 2011)

Failed Memory Card Brings Down Garmin GNS530 (September 2011)

Desperate Call For Vice Kommandant Replacement Unit (VKRU) (October 2011)

Kommandant Installs a 406 MHz ELT (November 2011)

Appeal to Join AOPA (December 2011)


Harris Ranch (January 2012)

Kommandant Uses Skywagon to Haul Vino Again (February 2012)

Kommandant is Code 3 (March 2012)

Time To Spare, Go By Air (April 2012)

Farewell To Stormy (May 2012)

Krap It's Been Windy! (June 2012)

Trip North Yields Flat Tailwheel (July 2012)

Expanding the Density Altitude Envelope (August 2012)

Kommandant Going To AOPA Summit (September 2012)

Kommandant Stirs The Shop (October 2012)

Kommandant Gets A New Bicycle (November 2012)

Kommandant Avoids Icing Danger (December 2012)


Mayans Wrong About End of World, So Kommandant Goes To Vegas (January 2013)

Introduction to ADS-B (February 2013)

Time To Shame The PPOs For Not Showing Up To Meetings (March 2013)

Stuffing Software into a Transponder (April 2013)

Phoning It In From High Over Omaha (May 2013)

Fixing A Runny Nose (June 2013) -- propeller maintenance

A Simple 4 Hour Fix To Make Magneto Timing Easier (July 2013)

Kommandant Tours Eastern U.S. by Skywagon (September 2013)

Kommandant Rants On Effects Of Government Shutdown (October 2013)

Kommandant Keeps iPad On In-Flight, Visits National Museum of the Air Force (November 2013)

A Thanksgiving Miracle -- Clear Skies Over KEKA (December 2013)


Kommandant Makes Instrument Approach Into A Gaggle of VFR Airplanes (January 2014)

Kommandant Goes To The Valley of Death (February 2014)

Musing on the LA County Airshow (March 2014)

LA County Airshow Review (April 2014)

Kommandant Renews His A/MEL PIC (May 2014)

Kommandant Goes FIRC-ing (June 2014)

Kommandant Flies To Lake Tahoe (July 2014)

Kommandant Flies Too Much (September 2014)

Limited Qualitative Evaluation of the Wright 1911 Model B Flyer Simulator (October 2014)

Kommandant Muses On Daylight Saving Time (November 2014)

Kommandant MIA On A Cruise, Spectacularly Fails In His Obligations (December 2014)


Kommandant Watches Weather, Shortens Flight (January 2015)

Kommandant Cancels Another Flight for Icing (February 2015)

Kommandant Ices Up On Return From Lompoc (March 2015)

The Infamous "Dog Story" (April 2015)

Kommandant Visits The Flying Ace (and His Kids) (May 2015)

Discussion of Summer Flying Weather (June 2015)

Annual Trip to Johnson Creek (July 2015)

In Flight Emergency - Rough Running Engine (August 2015)

Discovering an Ugly Spalled Lifter (September 2015)

Landing a Cessna 310 with a Failed Nose Gear (October 2015)

Kommandant Buys The Wrong Connecting Rod Bolts (November 2015)

Rebuilding the Skywagon Engine, Scratching That Flying Itch (December 2015)


Primer Troubles, Fightin' Skywagon Return To Flight (January 2016)

Breaking In The Skywagon Engine, Dad's Less Than Reliable Aircraft Engines (February 2016)

Rained Out Again, Goodbye to Opie, Wanna Be The Treasurer? (March 2016)

Skywagon Leaves the Antelope Valley, Kommandant Wines in Napa Valley (April 2016)

Kommandant Visits USS Midway (May 2016)

New Venue, FIRC, Medical Reform, New Student Pilot Certificates, ACS (June 2016)

Medical Certificate Reform, Meeting Venue (July 2016)

Flying To Pagosa Springs CO (August 2016) -- to ride the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

Coming Aviation Events (September 2016)

Birthday Party in Humboldt County (October 2016)

Kommandant's Shoot-Em-Up Weekend (November 2016)

Kommandant Avoids Frontal Activity (December 2016)


Adverse Weather Review (January 2017)

Kommandant Drops Skywagon for BMW Over Weight and Balance Concerns (February 2017)

Kommandant Faces Whiskey Front (March 2017)

History of the Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In (April 2017)

Kommandant QB's At Columbia (May 2017)

Kommandant Blasts Han Solo for Buffoonery, Then Almost Makes The Same Mistake (June 2017)

Kommandant Spends Time Planning 45th Wedding Anniversary Celebraion Instead Of Writing His Kolumn (July 2017)

Fightin' Skywagon Returns To AirVenture (August 2017)

Kommandant Defends Southern Border from Invading Birds of Peace (September 2017)

Trim Is Your Friend (October 2017) -- at least until it stops working

Kommandant's Holiday Greetings and TPS Retirement (December 2017)


Festivus 2017 Report (January 2018) -- what you get from a leaking water heater and half the PPOs have the flu

Kommandant Reports From "The Other Side" (February 2018)

Kommandant Weather Cancels Again (March 2018)

Kommandant Re-Ups Instructor Certificate (April 2018) -- attending a Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)

Kommandant Squawks About Squawks (May 2018) -- finding a pesky oil leak and retiring an ancient NAV/COM radio

Kommandant Swaps Out Radio (June 2018)

Watch Out For Density Altitude (July 2018)

Kommandant in the Pacific Northwest (August 2018)

The Evilicious Flight Instructor (September 2018) -- Forgetting to request the K^2 in time, Evil Editor Zurg channels what he expected the Kommandant would have said

IMSAFE (November 2018) -- The Kommandant is slacking on a Presidentially directed reconnaissance cruise, so Evil Editor Zurg again channels what he expected the Kommandant would have said

Instrument Training, Thanksgiving Flights (December 2018)


Holidays are over, Instrument Training, and back to flying (January 2019)

El Niño and FTHF Lunch with Clay Lacy (February 2019)

PPO Mike Machat signs VISTA (March 2019) -- his largest and fastest piece of artwork ever

Pop Go The Poppies! (April 2019) -- California Poppy recce and breakfast at Kern Valley

Kommandant's Gadgetosis Nervosa Flare-Up (May 2019) -- The Kommandant, envious of Erbman's panel in the Combat Bearhawk, can't stand it anymore an dumps a check on a Garmin G5 "Electronic Flight Instrument"

Kommandant Experiences the Joys of Being DNIF (June 2019)

Garmin G5 Preliminary Report (July 2019)

Shopping and Purchases/Non-Purchases at AirVenture 2019 (August 2019)

Trip to Yuma to Kill the Bird of Peace (September 2019)

The "Bug Blocker" Blocks Too Well (October 2019)

The Skywagon goes to Scottsdale AZ and Henderson NV (November 2019)

Kommandant Outwits The Weather Gods (December 2019)


Flyout to Kern Valley (January 2020)

How the Piper Pawnee Became the Ubiquitous Tow Plane (February 2020)

Remembering John Bush and Lee Erb (March 2020)

Did You Notice All of the Rain? (April 2020)

COVID Musings (May 2020)

More COVID Fretting (June 2020)

Normalcy Starts to Return, Then Leaves (July 2020)

COVID Pontificating, Travel Plans (August 2020)

Annual Inspection, Flight Review, and trip to Jackson Hole under COVID (September 2020)

Installing SureFly Electronic Ignition (October 2020)

Troubleshooting CO Alerts (November 2020)

KWJF Runway Project, CO Troubleshooting (December 2020)


Whining About Insurance and ADs (January 2021)

Evaluation of a Best Tugs Aircraft Tug (February 2021)

Kommandant Recommends Machat YouTube (March 2021)

Kommandant Inspects Low Cay Facilities (April 2021)

Kommandant Pulls The Handles (May 2021)

The Kommandant Exercises Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) (June 2021)

Troubleshooting a Failing Alternator (July 2021)

Cleaning out the Kommandant's Kwarters (August 2021)

Remembering September 11th 20 years later (September 2021)

The Kommandant's Farewell Speech (October 2021)

The Kommandant Has Left The Building (November 2021)

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