RB-4 Combat Bearhawk Three Sigma

Project Police Officer Training Field Trip III (September 2000) Announcement | Summary

Bearhawk Fuselage "Kit" (December 2001)

Bearhawk Progress Report (January 2002)

High Risk Method For Choosing An Airplane To Build (March 2003) -- aka Pat Fagan Bearhawk PIREP

Last Months' Meeting--Vacuum Bagging (May 2003)

Vacuum Bagging--A Photo Essay (May 2003)

Project Police Inspection Tour Photo Addendum (December 2005)

Erbman's Boring Meeting Pictures (February 2006) -- inaccessible bucking bars, firewall penetrations, clamping a rotisserie

Erbman Sews The Bearhawk Wedding Dress (April 2006)

The Ongoing Color Evolution of Bearhawk #164 (July 2006)

Project Police Inspect the Bearhawk and the Belch Fire 290 (December 2006)

Cheesy Bearhawk Filler Pic (January 2007)

Det 51 Inspects The Bearhawk (February 2007)

Project Police inspection of Stormy's RV-8A and Erbman's Bearhawk (April 2007)

Moving the Bearhawk Fuselage To The Hangar (May 2007) -- which some of California's Finest weren't too happy about

Thoughts on Cowling Design (July 2007)

"Hanging Of The Wings" (December 2007)

In Memoriam: The Project Police Paddywagon (December 2007)

Bearhawk #164 "Three Sigma" Fuel Flow Testing (April 2008)

Kommandant's Perspective of Bearhawk Three Sigma's First Flight (June 2008)

RB-4 Combat Bearhawk First Flight and Limit Cycle Oscillation (LCO) Testing (June 2008)

Return To Flight Program Begets Return To Flight Program (July 2008)

The Smoking Gun...er...Engine (September 2008) -- the cause of Three Sigma's overheating engine is found

Operation PHOENIX NOISEMAKER Prematurely Declared Complete (December 2008)

The Saga Of The Bare Naked Crankshaft (January 2009)

Operation PHOENIX NOISEMAKER...continued (March 2009)

Operation PHOENIX NOISEMAKER...continued (April 2009)

Operation PHOENIX NOISEMAKER Completed -- Aria Somewhat Less Than Satisfying (May 2009)

Three Sigma Vernatherm Follies (June 2009)

Three Sigma Flight Test Update (July 2009) -- engine cooling woes and adjusting landing gear toe-in

Fabric Covering Mini-Workshop (November 2009)

Shields Up! (December 2009) -- Post AirVenture 2009 Squawk Fixing

Plane Fly Good (December 2009) -- Functional Check Flight (FCF) results after making above fixes

Bearhawk Stall Speed Investigation (March 2010)

Three Sigma Bearhawk Birthday! (May 2010)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown XVIII -- Victory! (October 2010) -- First takeoff at 100°F

Three Sigma High Power Cooling Test (April 2011)

Bearhawk Fuel System Design And Implementation (April 2011)

Chasing Queertrons: Troubleshooting Tales of the Unqualified (July 2011) -- Part 1 of chasing electromagnetic interference between the autopilot and comm radio

Chasing Queertrons: Troubleshooting Tales of the Unqualified (August 2011) -- Part 2 of chasing electromagnetic interference between the autopilot and comm radio

Bearhawk Strut End Fairings (March 2012)

Bearhawk Fairings (August 2012)

Stopping the Oil Leak From Valve Cover Gaskets (August 2012)

Bearhawk Tail Wire Analysis (September 2012) -- are streamline wires worth the cost?

EAA Chapter 1000 Fiberglass Fabrication Facility Reopens (October 2012)

Chasing Rabbits or The Joys of Troubleshooting Engine Problems (July 2013) -- chasing down an induction leak

Recent Bearhawk Mods (November 2013)

They Call The Wind Maria... (March 2014) -- ...and she can be a real *****!

Half A Pound Here, Half A Pound There, And Pretty Soon You're Talking A Lot of Weight (May 2014)

It All Started Innocently Enough... (July 2015) -- How I tried to service my landing gear shock strut and dropped the airplane, almost on my head

B-Kool Air Conditioner Test & Evaluation (September 2015)

Windows 10 Isn't The Only Upgrade Currently In Season (continued) (May 2016) -- Combat Bearhawk Avionics Upgrade

Determining Unusable Fuel...or Not... (September 2016)

Reply to Determining Unusable Fuel and Hmmm, Where's The Declutter Button? (October 2016)

When Good Seals Go Bad (November 2016) -- Fixing a carburetor fuel leak by swapping out the carburetor

How Fast Is Fast Enough? or: How I Learned to Stop Fretting and Love My Airplane (February 2017)

Shipping Highly Desirable Perishable Stuff by Bearhawk (December 2017)

Engine Oil Heater Characterization (December 2019)

A Quarantine Story of Flying and Questionable Judgement -- Erbman flies to Baker CA and ignores all of the clues telling him not to land there (June 2020)

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