Airshow and Trip Reports

Project Police on the Road - Moonrise over Needles (November 1992) - Bob notices a rather large CRACK in his rear window on the way to Copperstate '92

Project Police on the Road (Again) (November 1992) - Reports on the Planes of Fame Museum, Flo's Airport Cafe, and Flabob International Airport and the building of the DH.88

Operation Rubidoux Sundown I (March 1993) - Report on the Project Police's first great raid on Flabob. Find out what significant thing Chapter 1000 is known for.

Project Police At The Camarillo Fly-In (May 1993) - Another fly-in report from the Project Police.

The Project Police and the Great Landing Gear Swap Out (September 1993) - Join Russ and Bruce for the excitement of having you fuselage sliced apart to change out the landing gear mounts.

Operation Rubidoux Sundown II: The Unparalled Success of the Rubidoux Raiders (March 1994) - The Project Police once again sweep through Flabob--A true classic of Project Police writing.

The Project Police boldly go where no one has gone before... (June 1994) - a sweep through through the Camarillian system.

Edwards AFB Open House--Big Success--Again! (November 1994) - Pietenpols in Antarctica?

Project Police Raid on Flabob! - Operation Rubidoux Sundown IV and a meeting with Bob Mackey.

Edwards AFB Open House (November 1996) -- a very windy day

National Air Races and EAA Fly-In (November 1996)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown V - Victory! (March 1997)

Popular Flying Association International Air Rally (August 1997)

Bohunk Fly-In (October 1997)

Down Under Report (October 1997) -- an Australian's report on visiting Edwards AFB and Mojave

Project Police Launch Lightly Attended Raid on Copperstate (November 1997)

We Survived Machtober! (November 1997) -- reports on Edwards AFB Open House and Fox Field National Air Races

Edwards Open House: A Letter to HQ (November 1997)

Copperstate Fly-In (December 1997)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VI Official Report To The Membership (March 1998)

Project Police On The Road... (March 1998) -- infiltraion of Van's Aircraft factory

Project Police Long Range Patrol (April 1998) -- Alton Bay, New Hampshire

Project Police Long Range Patrol (July 1998) -- Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Oshkosh Return and In-Flight Maintenance (September 1998)

The Official Project Police Machtember-tober Report (October 1998) -- including the EAA Chapter 49 Old Fashioned Fly-In, Reno Air Races, Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In, and Edwards Open House

Copperstate EAA Regional Fly-In Report (November 1998)

Project Police on the Road: Hanscom AFB Open House (December 1998)

Santa Maria Fly-out Report (December 1998)

Winchester Fly-In (January 1999)

More From Copperstate (January 1999)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VII Official Report To The Membership (March 1999)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VII Pre-Assault Report (March 1999)

Langley Park Fly-In (March 1999)

Sun'n Fun 1999 or Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure (May 1999)

Sun'n Fun 1999 or Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure (June 1999)

Sun'n Fun 1999 or Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure (July 1999)

Sun'n Fun 1999 or Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure (August 1999)

Sun'n Fun 1999 or Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure (September 1999)

Camarillo Fly-In PPTAF (September 1999)

The Project Police Infiltrate Golden West Fly-In (October 1999)

And From Det 11... (October 1999)

Edwards Open House 1999 (November 1999)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VIII Official Report To The Membership (March 2000)

Report to Kommandant's Special Planning Staff, Operation Rubidoux Sundown VIII (March 2000)

AirVenture 2000 Report (September 2000)

Magellan, Marco Polo, Lindbergh, "Wrong-Way" Corrigan, and Me (September 2000) -- or How I Flew an 800 Pound Bi-Plane 3400 miles to Oshkosh and Back

A Dream Come True: Flying To Oshkosh! (October 2000)

Kommandant's Oshkosh Photo Gallery (October 2000)

Edwards Open House 2000 (December 2000)

Kommandant's Oshkosh Photo Gallery (November 2000)

Golden West Fly-In 2000 (December 2000)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown IX -- Flabob Invokes Sacrificial Secret Weapon -- Survives Furious Assault (March 2001)

Operation VIMY GAWK (September 2001)

2001 Aerospace Walk Of Honor Street Fair With The Vice Kommandant (October 2001)

More Pix From The Aerospace Walk Of Honor Street Fair (December 2001)

Project Police Visit Poly Land (December 2001)

The Project Police Do Oshkosh...Again (September 2002)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown X After Action Report (October 2002)

Project Police At The 2002 Aerospace Walk of Honor Street Faire (November 2002)

Golden West Fly-In (December 2002)

Kommandant Flies To Banff Provincial Park (July 2003)

Rutan(s) Get Old (August 2003) -- includes "How to Make an Eze"

Hangar 25, Big Spring TX (September 2003)

Aerospace Walk of Honor Street Faire 2003 (October 2003)

Tina Visco Represents The Project Police At Cessna 120/140 Fly-In (October 2003)

Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In Report (July 2004) -- with "How To Fly a Piper Cub"

AirVenture 2004 -- An Adventure In Getting Better Treatment Than We Deserved... (September 2004)

More Gratuitous Pictures To Fill Up Space (May 2005) -- Vince Sei's F1 Rocket at Apple Valley

Copperstate 2004 (August 2005)

Battle Mountain Airlift Saves High Cay Racing Team (September 2005)

Kommandant Visits National Museum of the Air Force (October 2005)

Secret Out-Of-Cycle Raid On Flabob (December 2005)

Project Police on the Road -- Ezell Aviation (January 2006)

Kommandant Sent To Soaring Society of America Convention (February 2006)

What I Did On My Middle Eastern "Vacation" (April 2006)

Recent Bearhawk Progress (and gratuitous space filler) (May 2006)

Assorted Oddities (September 2006)

Project Police at the Reno Air Races (October 2006)

Project Police at AirVenture 2006: A Pictorial Essay (November 2006)

Project Police on the Road (October 2007) -- Spirit of St. Louis barograph

Vintage V-12s (November 2007)

Copperstate 2007 Report (November 2007)

PPTAF Covertly Infiltrate and Inspect Copperstate Fly-In (November 2007)

Photographic Evidence (July 2008) -- from Copperstate 2007

The Other PPTAF Mission Report (September 2009)

AirVenture Oshkosh 2009 Report (October 2009)

Project Police Tactical Assault Force Deploys To Southeastern Quadrasphere (January 2010)

Project Police Tactical Assault Force Deploys To Southeastern Quadrasphere (February 2010)

Project Police Tactical Assault Force, Southeastern Quadrasphere Division, Inspects the Air Force Museum of New Zealand (February 2010)

Project Police Invade Whiteman, Educate Locals (April 2010)

After Action Report: Fly-Out Pancake Breakfast, Minter Field, KMIT (May 2010)

Project Police Officers of Fame (July 2010) -- trip to Planes of Fame museum in Chino CA

Clay Lacy Takes Project Police Backup To Oshkosh (August 2010)

Kommandant Aldrich Visits the National Museum of the United States Air Force (September 2010)

Operation Rudioux Sundown XVIII -- Victory! (October 2010)

Hellmuth's Oshkosh DC-2 Crew (October 2010)

AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 Report (November 2010)

Flabob DC-3 Lands At Edwards (December 2010)

Kommandant Inspects the San Diego Air Museum (January 2011)

More Gratuitous Space Filling Pictures (March 2011)

B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" Photographic Evidence (May 2011)

Kommandant's B-17 Photo Gallery (May 2011)

AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 Hotwash (September 2011) -- Australian PPO Greg Jones had to return to Australia before we could have the big report, so he did his portion a month early

AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 Report (October 2011) -- the largest Project Police Tactical Assualt Force (PPTAF) ever assembled for Airventure

General George S. Patton Museum Flyout 15 October 2011 (November 2011)

International Project Police Raid--Royal Air Force Museum, London, England (December 2011)

Operation Bovine Breakfast A Success (February 2012) -- Flyout to Harris Ranch Air-Atta Section

Camarillo Shopping Trip (March 2012)

Working Vacation at The Cub Inn (September 2012) -- Groveland CA

AirVenture Oshkosh 2012 Report (October 2012)

AOPA Summit Report (November 2012)

Project Police At Johnson Creek (September 2013)

AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 Report (October 2013)

Kommandant Keeps iPad On In-Flight, Visits National Museum of the Air Force (November 2013)

Go To Lunch, Get A Glider Flight (November 2013)

Kommandant Visits The National Museum Of The Air Force (December 2013)

NT-33/F-94A Nose Explained (January 2014)

Flying The B-29 (February 2014)

Project Police Visit The Hiller Museum (September 2014)

AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 Report (October 2014)

Fox Annual Air Fair 2014 and Pancake Breakfast - 25 Oct 14 (November 2014)

Junior Project Police Visit The National Air And Space Museum (June 2015)

Dave Vanhoy's T-6G Gains Identity, Gets a Mission (September 2015)

Fox Air Fair 26 September 2015 (November 2015)

Since The Kommandant Insisted... (November 2015) -- Emmy takes up arms against the Red Baron menace

More Gratuitous Photos from the Udvar-Hazy Center to Fill Up Space (January 2016)

AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 Report (March 2016) -- numerous pictures of empty fields!

When Your Toys Become Museum Pieces (April 2016)

Kommandant Visits USS Midway (May 2016)

Eddie and Scott's Most Excellent Adventure... (July 2016) -- Stormy goes to Sun 'N Fun 2016

Flying To Pagosa Springs CO (August 2016) -- to ride the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

Random Airplane Pix For The Express Purpose of Filling The Remaining Space (October 2016) -- airplanes at the National Air & Space Museum

More Gratuitous Pictures to Fill Up Space (December 2016) -- aerobatic airplanes at the National Air & Space Museum

Kommandant QB's At Columbia (May 2017)

Adelanto Adventure 2017!! (May 2017)

BEST AIR MUSEUM VISIT EVER!!! (June 2017) -- The Project Police get VIP treatment at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Random Thoughts From This Month's Flying (July 2017) -- Flying to and from Pagosa Springs, plus a flat tire on return from Chiriaco Summit

Oshkosh Report From EAA 1000 Det 5 (August 2017)

Now That's Interior Decorating! (August 2017)

AirVenture 2017 Report (October 2017)

Erbman's Museum Crawl, Part 1 of ? (December 2017) -- Vought V-173 Flying Flapjack at The Frontiers of Flight Museum

FIFI at Home (February 2018) -- going to a different air museum than I thought I was and stumbling onto an airworthy B-29

Doolittle Raider B-25 At USAF Armament Museum, Eglin AFB (March 2018)

Secret Raid on Hellmuth's Hofbräu Report (May 2018)

Yelp Review: Low Cay (July 2018)

Kommandant in the Pacific Northwest (August 2018)

Chapter 1000 Takes the WAYBACK Machine to May 2006 (August 2018)

More Random Stuff To Fill Out A Hastily Assembled Newsletter (September 2018)

Gratuitous Pictures Section (November 2018)

Gratuitous Pictures Section (February 2019) -- Piper Super Cub

Assorted Pictures From The May 2017 Palm Springs Museum Trip (May 2019)

1958 Messerschmitt "Cabin Scooter" (July 2019) -- Messerschmitt Kabinenroller at the Hiller Museum at San Carlos Airport (KSQL)

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (August 2019)

More Random Pictures From The National Air And Space Museum To Fill Space (September 2019)

AirVenture 2019 Report (October 2019)

DC-3 Flabob Express Flies to Normandy D-Day 75th Anniversary (December 2019)

Kommandant Outwits The Weather Gods (December 2019)

Flyout to Kern Valley (January 2020)

More Random Pictures Taken Recently By Erbman or Others To Fill Up Space (January 2020)

The Boston B-17 Party -- Chuck Firth and EAA Chapter 106 host the EAA B-17 Aluminum Overcast (February 2020)

When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight -- The Art of Long-Range X-C Aero Tow (April 2020)

Vintage Flying Museum, Fort Worth TX (May 2020)

EAA AirVenture 2020 Cancelled (May 2020)

A Quarantine Story of Flying and Questionable Judgement -- Erbman flies to Baker CA and ignores all of the clues telling him not to land there (June 2020)

Spirit of St. Louis Replia at the San Diego Air and Space Museum (January 2021)

Oshkosh 2021 -- Gary Aldrich and Jimmy Doolittle III (September 2021)

OPERATION: AirVenture 2021 After Action Report -- Stormy Weathers (October 2021)

B-29 visits Chuck Firth (November 2021)

Correction to Previous Announcement (Oshkosh 2021) (November 2021)

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