Airshow and Trip Reports

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (August 2019)

More Random Pictures From The National Air And Space Museum To Fill Space (September 2019)

AirVenture 2019 Report (October 2019)

DC-3 Flabob Express Flies to Normandy D-Day 75th Anniversary (December 2019)

Kommandant Outwits The Weather Gods (December 2019)

Flyout to Kern Valley (January 2020)

More Random Pictures Taken Recently By Erbman or Others To Fill Up Space (January 2020)

The Boston B-17 Party -- Chuck Firth and EAA Chapter 106 host the EAA B-17 Aluminum Overcast (February 2020)

When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight -- The Art of Long-Range X-C Aero Tow (April 2020)

Vintage Flying Museum, Fort Worth TX (May 2020)

EAA AirVenture 2020 Cancelled (May 2020)

A Quarantine Story of Flying and Questionable Judgement -- Erbman flies to Baker CA and ignores all of the clues telling him not to land there (June 2020)

Spirit of St. Louis Replia at the San Diego Air and Space Museum (January 2021)

Oshkosh 2021 -- Gary Aldrich and Jimmy Doolittle III (September 2021)

OPERATION: AirVenture 2021 After Action Report -- Stormy Weathers (October 2021)

B-29 visits Chuck Firth (November 2021)

Correction to Previous Announcement (Oshkosh 2021) (November 2021)

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