Flight Reports

The Auster Hassle (December 1992-January 1993) - Read about the trials and travails of trying to fly a British built Taylorcraft from Arizona to California in the heat of July, when the absolute ceiling is just a few thousand feet AGL.

Lancair 360 First Flight (June 1993)

Test Pilot Report - Lancair 360 First Flight (June 1993)

Piper PA-20 Pacer First Flight (September 1993) - First flight after a simple re-cover job turned into a restoration effort

Beechcraft Debonair (October 1993)

A Look at Lancair 360 Handling Qualities (November 1993)

President's Column (December 1993) - Neico's semi-official non-response to the Lancair 360 handling qualities issue

Tri-Q-200 N200LM - The First 150 Hours (February 1994)

Limited Flying Qualities Evaluation of the American Falcon

First Flight Report - RV-6 N43BL (May 1994)

Cirrus ST50 First Flight (December 1994)

First Flight! Keith Kelly's Long EZ (December 1994)

Limited Flight Evaluation of the Let L-23 Super Blanik (March 1995)

"I Really, Really Hate My Airplane" Contest Winner Speaks His Mind! (March 1995)

World's Fastest? 1000 Kilometers in a Glider! (May 1995)

Flight Test Report MiG-25PU (May 1995)

Mojave Direct Sun and Fun 95 (June 1995)

Brian Martinez's Q-200 Flies! (June 1995)

Another Far Journey (August 1995)

Big-Tail Lancair 360 Update (September 1995)

Q-200 Flight Test Summary (December 1995)

I Hate My Throttle Body (February 1996)

World Record Claim (April 1996) - Jim Payne sets another soaring world record

RANS S-6S Qual Eval Report (April 1996)

Q-200 Flight Test Update (July 1997)

Q-200 Flight Test Update (September 1997)

EAA Flight Advisors Help Make Homebuilt Flight Safer (December 1997)

Project Police Aerial Assault Vehicle Takes Flight (January 1998)

Q-200 Wing Incidence Change Successful! (April 1998)

Test Report: Initial Taxi Tests (May 1998)

Flight Report - Grumman HU-16A Albatross (July 1998)

A Journey of an Aerobatic Pilot (September 1998)

First Flight: Bruce Wright's RANS S-10 (February 1999)

JP Named National Soaring Champion (June 1999)

"My Sanity" Flies Again! (June 1999)

Boredom Fighter N264JP Takes To The Air! (August 1999)

First Flight -- Rodney Howes RV-6 (September 1999)

Barbie (III) and I (February 2000) -- B-25H

Twelve Days With The Fournier Motor Glider (August 2000)

Pulsar Flies! (December 2000)

Getting To Know Your P-51 (October 2001)

Taylorcraft BC-12D N43502 Serial Number 7161 Comes Home (February 2002)

High Risk Method For Choosing An Airplane To Build (March 2003) -- aka Pat Fagan Bearhawk PIREP

Charlie Wagner's RV-6A First Flight (September 2003)

Gail Rages At Willow Springs! (October 2003)

Pirep: Bearhawk 232PF, Pat Fagan's Bird (November 2003)

Giles G-202 Flies! (February 2004)

Giles G-202 Update--The Rest Of The Story (March 2004)

Charleen's Cubby Flies! (April 2004)

Fightin' Skywagon Transcontinental Functional Check Flight (May 2004)

N115VS Takes Flight...Briefly (March 2005)

The Photos: N115VS Takes Flight...Briefly (April 2005)

Proof It Did Fly At One Time... (June 2005) -- Giles G-202

Wagner's RV-6A Involved In Mid-Taxiway (January 2006)

Meanwhile, In Canada, Pat Peters' RV-6 Takes To The Air (January 2006)

B-52H Flight Operations 101 (May 2006)

Attack of the Dreaded Yellow Tailed Gnat Snapper (September 2006)

Project Police Fly The B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" (December 2006) -- Part 1

Project Police's Lead Bomber Pilot Responds to the Aluminum Overcast (January 2007)

Project Police Fly The B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" (January 2007) -- Part 2

Project Police Fly The B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" (February 2007) -- Part 3

Project Police Fly The B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" (March 2007) -- Part 4

Project Police Fly The B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" (April 2007) -- Part 5

Project Police Go Soviet In The Mighty AN-2 Colt "Big Panda" (January 2008) -- Part 1

Project Police Go Soviet In The Mighty AN-2 Colt "Big Panda" (February 2008) -- Part 2

Flying the B-17 with the Project Police (May 2008)

Jim Piavis' RV-7 Approaches First Flight (May 2008)

RB-4 Combat Bearhawk Comes Alive (May 2008)

7 June Declared "EAA First Flight Day" (June 2008)

Kommandant's Perspective of Bearhawk Three Sigma's First Flight (June 2008)

Jim Piavis' RV-7 Makes First Flight (June 2008)

RB-4 Combat Bearhawk First Flight and Limit Cycle Oscillation (LCO) Testing (June 2008)

Return To Flight Program Begets Return To Flight Program (July 2008)

Piavis' RV-7 Flight Test Continues With Only Non-Flight-Critical Issues (July 2008)

Caudron Racer Flies At Flabob (February 2009)

Project Police Reevaluate The B-17 (February 2009)

Operation PHOENIX NOISEMAKER Completed -- Aria Somewhat Less Than Satisfying (May 2009)

The Project Police Fly The "Evil Bill Simulator" (July 2009)

From PA-38 To A T-38 (July 2009) -- Tim Brien's experiences flying the Evil Bill Simulator

Three Sigma Flight Test Update (July 2009) -- engine cooling woes and adjusting landing gear toe-in

Bill Irvine Takes A (Very Short) Flight (December 2010) -- Nothing like an in-flight emergency to cut your F/A-18 flight short

First Flight Report, Glasair II-S FT N6940P (February 2011)

Chris "Mom" Shearer Inadvertently Becomes A Glider Pilot (March 2011) -- Engine failure results in an off-field landing in a field near the home airport. Never reported in the newsletter was the findings after engine teardown. As Chris said "The reason why the engine stopped was the crankshaft decided it was happier in two pieces than one. That is what set off the violent vibrations and then I believe it either broke a tooth on the magneto gear or skipped one which caused the engine to stop."

First Flights in EAA Chapter 1000 (March 2011)

Limited Qualitative Evaluation of the Wright 1911 Model B Flyer Simulator (October 2014)

First Flight of N7756B (December 2015) -- Bruce Peters makes the first flight of his RV-9A

Stormy Gives In To Temptation (May 2018) -- Stormy reports on his acquisition of a 1984 Mooney 231

Weird New Dynamic Modes Discovered In Combat Bearhawk (May 2019) -- Erbman determines that his autopilot, perfectly suitable for cruise flight, is horribly unsuitable for coupled approaches. Low gains create a new dynamic mode, the combination Dutch Roll Phugoid. No, it's not as cool as it sounds

Report On One Year of Mooney Ownership (June 2019) -- Stormy reports on his first year of owning a 1984 Mooney 231

New EAA Chapter 1000 Homebuilt Makes Its First Flight 25 December 2020 (January 2021)

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