New Members

Chris Reeder (June 1997)

Bryan Duke, Michelle Holtzman, Jimmy Doolittle III (August 1997)

Jon Goldenbaum (September 1997)

Bernie Nitz (October 1997)

Jennifer Ware, Ed Dutreaux, Norm Dewitt, Dr. Gerry Curtis, Larry Schneider (November 1997)

Larry Sweetser, David Munday (January 1998)

Norm Devereux, Bill McCune (March 1998)

Con Oamek, Steve Irving, George Heddy III, Craig Bowers (March 1998)

Stephen Corda, Graham Byass (April 1998)

Harry Crawford, Bill Irvine, Jim Williams (May 1998)

Bernie Bakken, Ryan Smith, Olaf Landsgaard (June 1998)

Paul Stein (September 1998)

Dave Halasi-Kun, Gary Sobek (November 1998)

Shawn Keller, Leo Williams, Brad Norman, Vance Cochrane (March 1999)

Mike McKinley (April 1999)

Nathan Davis, Ron Cox, Russ Munson (May 1999)

Phil Edwards, John Burchak (June 1999)

Dave Evans (July 1999)

Stephen MacLeod (August 1999)

Joe Lewis (September 1999)

Tom Hallendorf, Murry Rozansky, Dave Morgan (October 1999)

Jeff Harband (November 1999)

Chris Shearer, Kevin Prosser (April 2000)

Jeff Tyler (May 2000)

Ron Wilcox (June 2000)

Pat Jasper (August 2000)

Project Police NOTAM!!! Mike Machat Named Honorary Project Policeman (December 2000)

Lathan Collins III (July 2001)

Kent Troxel (September 2001)

Phil Mills (January 2002)

Shawn Fleming (September 2002)

Cassandra Marie Shearer -- birth of a Junior Project Police Officer (October 2002)

Jeff "Cheese" Smith (December 2002)

Heinz Hüster (January 2003)

Francis X. Gentile (February 2003)

Pete Waters (March 2003)

Alexander Grant Piavis -- birth of a Junior Project Police Officer (April 2003)

Frank Haertlein, Tina Visco, Vince Sei (July 2003)

Keith Colmer (August 2003)

Todd "Leif" Ericson, Tim Brien (September 2003)

Brad Knapp (October 2003)

Jim Less, Karl Lewis (March 2004)

Toby Koehn, Glenn Watson (June 2004)

Paul Minnicks (July 2004)

Dallas Mikaelsen, David Setser, Gene Turner (January 2005)

Cameron Michael Shearer -- birth of a Junior Project Police Officer (May 2005)

Robert "Rooster" Reichert (May 2005)

Andy Gerner, Scott "Stormy" Weathers, Jon Schilder (November 2005)

Forrest "Frosty" Wyatt (March 2006)

Lee McCullough (December 2006)

Mike Cowan (October 2007)

Lyn "Sweet Cheeks" McNeely (November 2008)

David Fournier (February 2009)

Tom "Duke" Wayne (December 2011)

Silke Eyles (November 2012)

Bruce Peters (July 2013)

Emily Erb -- birth of a Junior Project Police Officer (January 2015)

Jeff King (May 2015)

Dana Baker (October 2015)

Zach Reeder (July 2016)

Miles Middleton (October 2016)

Mark Jean (May 2021)

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