Building Techniques

Details, details... (May 1992) - Techniques for making professional looking transfer decals for your instrument panel or whereever.

Build a Pedal Plane (August 1994) - try out your skills on a small scale aircraft and let your kids have some fun too!

New Materials (December 1995) - A new core material for fiberglass or wood construction.

Shortcuts in Composites

Alodining (October 1996)

More on Alodining... (November 1996)

Still More on Alodining... (November 1996)

Major Breakthrough in Use of Patterns (November 1996)

Attaching Lexan and Plexiglas (May 1997)

The Exciting Adventures of Pin Hole Filling, or How To Make It Snow in Your Garage in Ten Easy Steps (August 1997)

Notes On Working With Acrylic (November 1997)

Aircraft Electrical Wiring - Part 1 (December 1997) -- Charlie Wagner

Aircraft Electrical Wiring - Part 2 (January 1998) -- Charlie Wagner

Alternator B-Lead Circuit Breakers (June 1998)

Odd and Ends (June 1998) -- labeling wires, Alodine barrels

More On Pattern Use (August 1998)

Drilled Hole Tolerances (December 1998)

Riveting Tips From The People Who Make 'em (December 1998)

Making Water Slide Decals For Your Instrument Panel (February 1999)

Self-locking Nuts -- Use and Limitations (April 1999)

What About Fiberglass Planks? (May 2000)

Lexan and Plexiglas (October 2000)

Installing Rivnuts (November 2000)

Bolt Installation: What an AN3 Bolt is Not (December 2000)

Carbon Fiber Construction (January 2001)

Project Police Visit Poly Land (December 2001)

Bearhawk Fuselage "Kit" (December 2001)

Last Months' Meeting--Vacuum Bagging (May 2003)

Vacuum Bagging--A Photo Essay (May 2003)

Vacuum Bagging--Epilog (June 2003)

More Than You Wanted To Know About Pop Rivets (October 2003)

Strength of Riveted Joints -- Results of Pull Tests (February 2004)

Plastic Mangling For Fun And Profit (May 2004)

Plastic Mangling, Part II (August 2004)

Latex Paint -- Great For Your House, Still No Good For Your Airplane (October 2004)

Dirt Cheap Panel Lighting (October 2004)

Installing BNC Connectors (July 2005)

Erbman's Boring Meeting Pictures (February 2006) -- inaccessible bucking bars, firewall penetrations, clamping a rotisserie

Erbman Sews The Bearhawk Wedding Dress (April 2006)

The Ongoing Color Evolution of Bearhawk #164 (July 2006)

Blind versus Driven Rivets (September 2006)

...Then a Miracle Occurs... (March 2007) -- the joys of getting federated avionics boxes to talk to each other

Moving the Bearhawk Fuselage To The Hangar (May 2007) -- which some of California's Finest weren't too happy about

Paintin' With The Erbman (September 2007) -- or "Have I mentioned Lately How Much I Hate Painting?" Part 1

Paintin' With The Erbman (October 2007) -- or "Have I mentioned Lately How Much I Hate Painting?" Part 2

"Hanging Of The Wings" (December 2007)

Bearhawk #164 "Three Sigma" Fuel Flow Testing (April 2008)

The (Non-)Joys of Sandblasting (November 2008)

Eating the Project Elephant (November 2008)

More on Sandblasting (December 2008)

So You'd Like To Learn How To Do Fabric Covering... (November 2009)

Bearhawk Strut End Fairings (March 2012)

Fiberglass Composites with George "Knife" Gennuso (July 2014)

Let There Be Photon Emissions (January 2018) -- Stormy designs some LED tie-down lights

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