Aviation History

Book Review (January 1997) -- Cessna: Wings For The World

Why Do We Have N-Numbers? (July 1998)

Why Do We Have N-Numbers? (August 1998)

Toward The Unknown: The Real Story, Lee Erb (October 2001) Announcement | Summary

EAA Chap 1000 Det 12, New York City Checks In (October 2001) -- Russ Munson's eyewitness account of the World Trade Center attack

A Patriotic Interlude... (December 2001)

Lilienthal Medal Goes to Jim Payne from the USA (April 2002)

An Interview With Ed Marquart (May 2002)

Republic XF-12 Rainbow (August 2002)

News From Planet Pakistan (December 2002) -- with the famous "Donut of Misery"

News From Planet Pakistan (January 2003)

News From Planet Pakistan (February 2003)

News From Planet Pakistan (March 2003)

The Final News From Planet Pakistan (April 2003)

Analog To Digital In US Aircraft (July 2003)

Jeff Byard's Vintage Glider Collection (August 2003)

McDonnell XF-88B (June 2004) -- Lee Erb

An Ed Heineman Test (November 2004) -- Lee Erb

Bell Aircraft Naming System (August 2005) -- Lee Erb

Bell XP-80? (September 2005) -- Lee Erb

Recollections of the Curtiss C-46 Commando Part I: (Primarily an Autobiography) (March 2006) -- Lee Erb

Recollections of the Curtiss C-46 Commando Part II: Reverse Engineering (April 2006) -- Lee Erb

Recollections of the Curtiss C-46 Commando Part III: Ancillary Stories (May 2006) -- Lee Erb

Left Seat vs. Right Seat - Why? Some Hypotheses (August 2006) -- Lee Erb

Spacecraft Recovery Systems Tested on a 1953 Studebaker (September 2006) -- Lee Erb

H-21C, Big Bear, and Motorcyclists (December 2006) -- Lee Erb

Recollections of the XB-51 (April 2007) -- Lee Erb

C-46 Measurements and Observations (August 2007) -- Lee Erb

There I Was...In The Mighty BUFF... (August 2007) -- messing with a condescending fighter pilot

Another Influential Airplane (October 2007) -- Cook Cleland's Super Corsair -- Lee Erb

Great Men I Knew: Capt Wayne Eggert (July 2008) -- Lee Erb

Crazy Flabobians Building Flyable CG-4A (October 2008) -- as of 2023 I still haven't heard of this project completion

It's the Work of the French Military! (December 2008) -- Vespa scooters armed with 75mm recoilless rifles?

Bockscar Cylinder? (December 2008)

Memories Of A Sailplane Pilot (January 2009) -- Mike Machat

The Hobby Shop (May 2009) -- Mike Machat

Slide Rule (A Book Review) (June 2009)

Another B-17 Story (September 2009)

When Horses Fly? (September 2009) -- Flying Ford Pintos?

Republic Aviation Corporation: The Edwards Connection (November 2011) -- Mike Machat

Ray Stits: A Man And His Aircraft - The Real Story (February 2012) -- The story of the world's smallest aircraft

What's In A Name? (March 2012) -- An Inside Look at the Names of America's Famous Aircraft Manufacturers, and the People Who Created Them | Answers (April 2012)

Airline Cabin Announcements: Fact or Fiction? (February 2013)

Historic Air Force Flight Test Center Sign Found...in Chino? (February 2013)

The Flying Flea (March 2013)

A True Flying Flea Story (March 2013) -- escaping Nazi occupied France

Caudron C.460 Racer (April 2013)

North American XB-70 Valkyrie (March 2014)

Rohr 2-175 (71X) (March 2015)

Ever Wonder Why The F-16 Was Built In Fort Worth Texas? (May 2015)

The Langley Aerodrome -- With The Benefit Of Over A Century Of Hindsight (July 2015) -- Well, there's your problem!

Aviation - The Biggest Small Family In The World (March 2017)

1950's Nike Missile Sites Around Los Angeles (February 2018)

ROCKET MAN: First To Fly The X-15 (April 2019)

How the Piper Pawnee Became the Ubiquitous Tow Plane (February 2020)

Return to the Frontiers of Flight Museum, Love Field, Dallas TX (July 2020) -- The LearAvia Lear Fan 2100

Erbman's Childhood on Display at National Air and Space Museum (August 2020)

Early DC-10 Buffoonery (November 2020)

National Air and Space Museum Wright Brothers Aircraft Review (November 2020)

Flight Path Museum LAX and a Look Back at LAX (May 2021)

Yes, Virginia, There Were Lounges on Airliners (June 2021)

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