Chapter 1000 Standard Work Tables (June 1992) - Plans and instructions for building the incredibly versatile and useful Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables -- you need some of these!

Paint Booth II!? (December 1996)

Abrasive Pads (February 1997)

Biodegradable Cleaner Source (May 1997)

Workshop wireless Noise Attenuating Headset System (December 1997)

Source For Biodegradable Cleaners (September 1998)

Band Saw Blade Welding Made Easy (March 1999)

More on Work Tables (April 1999) -- EAA Chapter 1000 Work Tables morph into storage shelves?

Unique Home Furnishings (May 1999) -- EAA Chapter 1000 Work Tables morph into storage shelves?

Tyvek Coveralls Source (November 1999)

Notes on Steel Working Tools (December 1999)

Sticky Stuff Dispenser Cleanup (August 2000)

More On Biodegradable Solvents (August 2000)

Eat Your Packing Material! (June 2001)

Project Police Tool Continuation Training: Duct Tape (April 2003)

Why You Should Wear 100% Cotton (October 2003)

Creating An Extension Drill (December 2003)

Hush Haus For Your Oilless Air Kompressor (January 2004)

Introducing The EUCLID (Erbman's Ultra-Cheap Lighted Inspection Device (November 2004)

EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables in Alabama (August 2006)

New Chapter Scales Arrive (June 2008)

Worktables At EAA HQ (December 2010) -- Charlie Becker at EAA HQ and volunteers build 14 EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables for use during AirVenture. Eventually Charlie would co-opt the design and publish the design as the EAA Workbench. This was in response to a snarky comment we made wondering if they had any on display

New Chapter Video Borescope (March 2013) -- which turned out to be relatively useless for cylinder inspection

EAA Chapter 1000 Work Table Feedback (August 2015)

Low Cost, High Quality Borescope (October 2016) -- Vividia VA-400 Ablescope

EAA Chapter 1000 Work Tables (November 2016) -- another happy customer

A Workbench Thank You (April 2018) -- another builder interprets the EAA Standardized Work Table

Designing A Static Tube Adapter (June 2018) -- design for an AN5816 Pitot static tube adapter to connect your Pitot static test set

Great Designs Just Keep Going and Going (June 2018) -- another builder's take on the EAA Chapter 1000 Standard Work Tables

Building A Bead Breaker (September 2018) -- convenient tool for getting your tires off of the rims

Where Have All The Fluorescent Tubes Gone? -- Replacing fluorescent light tubes with LED tubes (March 2021)

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