What Do I Do After I Say "Oh, *@#%"? (January 1993)

Emergency Maneuver Training (June 1993)

Beware The Grease Gremlins (July 1993)

There I Was, Investigating The Wrong Problem (July 1993)

Egads! How do I know if my homebuilt is airworthy? (August 1994) - A quick rundown on areas to check on your aircraft.

Hand Propping (October 1995)

Beating The Heat (June 1997)

This is No @#$%&! or How a Bad Situation Almost Got Worse (February 1999)

Skin Rashes and Airborne Nuisance Dust (February 2001)

EAA Volunteer Liability (January 2003)

A Quick True Story About Duct Tape And Me (August 2003)

Why You Should Wear 100% Cotton (October 2003)

Gene's Top Ten List of Pilot Killers (December 2010) -- Methods 10 through 6

Gene's Top Ten List of Pilot Killers (January 2011) -- Methods 5 through 1

PPOs Attacked By Wayward Baseball (September 2012)

Kommandant Avoids Icing Danger (December 2012)

Surviving the Early Years (September 2013) -- Ray Stits (yes, THAT Ray Stits) enjoyed our newsletter so much he wanted to contribute this story of himself as a young pilot making very questionable decisions

Kommandant Makes Instrument Approach Into A Gaggle of VFR Airplanes (January 2014)

They Call The Wind Maria... (March 2014) -- ...and she can be a real *****!

Kommandant Watches Weather, Shortens Flight (January 2015)

Kommandant Cancels Another Flight for Icing (March 2015)

Frosting Is For Cupcakes, Not For Your Airplane! (March 2015)

Kommandant Ices Up On Return From Lompoc (March 2015)

The Infamous "Dog Story" (April 2015)

In Flight Emergency - Rough Running Engine (August 2015)

Landing a Cessna 310 with a Failed Nose Gear (October 2015)

Primer Troubles, Fightin' Skywagon Return To Flight (January 2016)

Passenger Safety Briefing Card (September 2019)

Example Bearhawk Passenger Safety Briefing Card (September 2019)

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