Opus F1 Rocket

Vince Sei's F1 Rocket Kit (October 2003)

Various Assorted Opus Airplane Pix (April 2004)

Project Police Inspect The F1 Rocket (August 2004)

The "Moon Man's" Rocket Gets "Finished", But Is Not Yet Complete (October 2004)

Project Police Inspect The F1 Rocket (January 2005)

N115VS Moves To Mojave Airport (February 2005)

N115VS Takes Flight...Briefly (March 2005)

The Photos: N115VS Takes Flight...Briefly (April 2005)

More Gratuitous Pictures To Fill Up Space (May 2005) -- Vince Sei's F1 Rocket at Apple Valley

Windows 10 Isn't The Only Upgrade Currently In Season (April 2016) -- Opus Sei's F1 Rocket, the Kommandant's Fightin' Skywagon, and Glamorous Glasair ADS-B Upgrade

F1 Rocket Update, Vince "Opus" Sei (June 2021) Announcement | Summary

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