Aircraft Operation

PC Based Flight Simulators, Part I (December 1992) - review of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Azuresoft ELITE

PC Based Flight Simulators, Part II (February 1993) - how to build a throttle control

PC Based Flight Simulators, Part III (March 1993) - review of a newer version of ELITE

Deep In Enemy Territory With The Project Police (June 1993) - Learn more about how an ATC center really operates.

Spot Landing Theory (April 1995) - How to win a spot landing contest, assuming your contest comes equipped with an LSO.

GPS Explained (January, February 1996) - An explanation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) as written for the Compuserve AVSIG by IFR magazine in 1992. 1

Oil Pressure (May 1997)

To G or Not To G - or How To Avoid Breaking Your Airplane (February 1998)

Maintenance Guidelines For The Owner-Pilot/Builder (June 1998)

More On Spot Landings (November 1998)

Altimeter Settings and ATC (December 1998)

Cold Weather Operations (November 2003)

Lubricates Better! Lasts Longer! (August 2005) -- engine oil discussion

How To Groundloop Your Taildragger (October 2005)

Complete Glass Cockpit On The Cheap? Well, Maybe... (November 2005)

Flying The Boonies Between Rawlins & Medicine Bow (November 2005)

Notes From The Workbench (October 2008) -- review of different lubricants. Forget your WD-40 or Marvel Mystery Oil

New Av-Fuel Could Save General Aviation Engines (November 2008) -- This Swift Fuel is the answer to 100LL! Funny that as of 2023 it's still not approved for use...

Introduction to ADS-B (February 2013)

How To Fly In The Caribbean (July 2013)

They Call The Wind Maria... (March 2014) -- ...and she can be a real *****!

Tuki's Flight Kitchen (June 2014) -- ideas for in-flight snacks

Frosting Is For Cupcakes, Not For Your Airplane! (March 2015)

B-Kool Air Conditioner Test & Evaluation (September 2015)

Skip Koss of Concorde Battery Tells Stories of Battery Management (November 2015)

Determining Unusable Fuel...or Not... (September 2016)

Hmmm, Where's The Declutter Button? (September 2016)

Reply to Determining Unusable Fuel and Hmmm, Where's The Declutter Button? (October 2016)

Will I Clear That Cloud? (December 2016)

How Fast Is Fast Enough? or: How I Learned to Stop Fretting and Love My Airplane (February 2017)

Kommandant Blasts Han Solo for Buffoonery, Then Almost Makes The Same Mistake (July 2017)

Shipping Highly Desirable Perishable Stuff by Bearhawk (December 2017)

What's All This Talk About Maneuvering Speed? (March 2018) -- why maneuvering speed decreases with decreasing gross weight

Watch Out For Density Altitude (July 2018)

Highly Efficient Aircraft Ground Handling (July 2018)

Bearhawk No-Flap Landing Flight Test (November 2018) -- determining a useable configuration for instrument approaches

Bearhawk No-Flap Landing Flight Test Follow Up (December 2018)

Readjusting Mixture After Altitude Changes (March 2019)

Dr. Strangeflight or: How I Learned to Stop Flailing and Love the Simulator (July 2019) -- allowable uses for an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and a review of using the Redbird FMX AATD

Bug Smashing for Fun or (Non)Profit (June 2020) -- tips and tricks for easily removing bug remains from your aerospace vehicle

Engine Oil Heater Characterization (December 2019)

Another Way To Preheat Your Engine (January 2020)

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