Aviation Movies

Toward The Unknown, Mike Machat (August 2001) Announcement | Summary

The Second Every Now and Then Project Police Philm Phestival (February 2002) Announcement | Summary -- Strategic Air Command

Toward The Unknown, Mike Machat (June 2004) Announcement | Summary

The High and the Mighty (September 2005)

Mike Machat's Movie Night Debrief (September 2005) - The High and the Mighty

We Didn't Watch Blue Max (March 2006)

More Blue Max Trivia (April 2006)

Review of "Strategic Air Command" (August 2007)

Review of "No Highway in the Sky" (March 2008)

Review of "Battle of Britain" (July 2010)

The Story Behind "Tough Sledding" (August 2010)

Jimmy Stewart's B-47 (sort of) (June 2011) -- from "Strategic Air Command"

X-15 (February 2012)

"Airplane!" vs. "Zero Hour!" Mashup (June 2015)

Early Developments for Flying in Adverse Weather (June 2017) The Setup | The Review -- Project Police subterfuge to show "Ceiling Zero" with James Cagney

Finally Revealed: "The Sky Trap" Production Secrets (November 2023)

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