Aviation Art

Inside The World Of Aviation Art (November 2000) Announcement | Summary

Air Force Flight Test Center Museum -- Keepers of the "Right Stuff" (January 2001) Announcement | Summary

Flight Test History in Aviation Art (April 2011) -- Mike Machat

High Cay Departure Unveiled (May 2012) -- an original Mike Machat painting

Museum of Flying Murals; General Aviation In Art And Advertising (February 2013)

Yes, But Is It Accurate? (July 2015) -- Ren Wicks' famous painting of the Lockheed 1649 Constellation

Debut of Painting Aviation's Legends: The Art of Mike Machat (July 2016)

Life Imitates Art -- Or Does It? (September 2017)

What's The Most Difficult Airplane to Paint? (September 2017)

PPO Mike Machat signs VISTA (March 2019) -- his largest and fastest piece of artwork ever

X-15 - Flying in the Skies of Box Art Fantasy (November 2019)

Evil Editor Zurg's Project Police Recurrency Quiz Redux (September 2020) -- Eight of Mike Machat's wonderful paintings complete with related quiz questions, from the August 2020 EAA Chapter 1000 Zoom meeting

Bonus! XB-42 Illustrations (March 2021)

The Progression of Proposal Brochure Artwork (May 2021)

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