Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, and Electronics

One Hour Flight Test Program to Determine Aircraft Climb Performance (May 1993) - Rocky and Bullwinkle detail how to quickly check your Pilot Operating Handbook climb charts or create a climb chart with just one hour of flight time.

Frostbite Falls Flyer Foils Foul Fossil Fueled Fallacy (August 1993) - Rocky and Bullwinkle repeat their climb test after fixing a major exhaust restriction.

Maximum Endurance, Maximum Range, and Optimum Cruise Speeds (October 1993) - How to determine your best performance speeds.

Takeoff Data Standardization (April 1994) - How to standardize your takeoff data to standard day conditions.

One Design Airfoil Analysis (May 1994) - Find out how an airfoil designed for aerobatic use differs from an airfoil designed for cruising.

Pitot-Static Instrument Calibration (September-October 1994) - Learn how to check instrument errors in your airspeed indicator and altimeter without any expensive calibration equipment. Also leak-check your Pitot-static system.

Homebuilder's Flight Test Course (July 1996)

Bumblebee Flying Could Aid Aircraft Design (June 1997)

Introduction to Flying Qualities Testing for Homebuilders Offered at NTPS (January 1998)

To G or Not To G - or How To Avoid Breaking Your Airplane (February 1998)

Zen and the Lost Black Art of Antennae (Part 1) (July 1998)

Zen and the Lost Black Art of Antennae (Part 2) (August 1998)

Trailing Edge Cutoff (September 1998)

Ever Wonder Why The A-4 Rudder Looks Like It Does? (May 2005)

Ever Wonder How "They" Determined Separated Airflow? (May 2005)

Just How Much Drag Does That Antenna Have? (August 2006)

Slide Rule? What Is It? (November 2009)

Bearhawk Stall Speed Investigation (March 2010)

Secrets of Chromakinetic Augmentation Revealed (January 2012) -- Super-secret propulsion secret not taught in the Aeronautics department but hinted at in the Arts department.

Bearhawk Tail Wire Analysis (September 2012) -- are streamline wires worth the cost?

What Would Happen If You Tried To Fly A Normal Earth Airplane Above Different Solar System Bodies? (February 2013)

Why Wind Turbines Turn Slow (February 2014) -- Good reasons given. Much later it would come to light that another consideration is that keeping the speed slow keeps the noise down

What's All This Talk About Maneuvering Speed? (March 2018) -- why maneuvering speed decreases with decreasing gross weight

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