January 1995
 - P2-Triple-D-I! - Learn about the Project Police's terror secret weapon.

February 1995

March 1995
 - Limited Flight Evaluation of the Let L-23 Super Blanik
 - "I Really, Really Hate My Airplane" Contest Winner Speaks His Mind!

April 1995
 - Spot Landing Theory - How to win a spot landing contest, assuming your contest comes equipped with an LSO.

May 1995
 - World's Fastest? 1000 Kilometers in a Glider!
 - Flight Test Report MiG-25PU
 - ANR Adapter - product review of a kit to convert your David Clarks into active noise reduction headsets

June 1995
 - Choosing an Instructor for the Homebuilder - Choose an adaptable instructor, not a rote technician
 - Chapter 1000 BBQ a Success! - See the results of the Spot Landing Contest at the 4th Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Breakfast and Barbecue
 - Mojave Direct Sun and Fun 95
 - Brian Martinez's Q-200 Flies!

July 1995
 - Cockpit PC

August 1995
 - Another Far Journey

September 1995
 - Big-Tail Lancair 360 Update

October 1995
 - Flightcraft Instrument Panels
 - Hand Propping

November 1995
 - Barnard Aircraft Components
 - Project Police Assault - ABQ/KAFB - Paddles' unique view of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival and meeting with exiled CAP'N BOB.

December 1995
 - New Materials - A new core material for fiberglass or wood construction.
 - Don't Be Such A Hosehead!
 - Q-200 Flight Test Summary
 - Sunglasses

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