January 1993
 - The Auster Hassle - Read about the trials and travails of trying to fly a British built Taylorcraft from Arizona to California in the heat of July, when the absolute ceiling is just a few thousand feet AGL.
 - What Do I Do After I Say "Oh, *@#%"?

February 1993
 - Glasair Fuel Vent Master's Thesis - Doug Dodson details a solution to the problem of fuel vents letting all the fuel run out on less than level ramps.
 - PC Based Flight Simulators, Part II - how to build a throttle control

March 1993
 - In Defense of FAR 23 - Why FAR 23 is not FAA harrassment, but a collection of proven engineering design standards.
 - Operation Rubidoux Sundown I - Report on the Project Police's first great raid on Flabob. Find out what significant thing Chapter 1000 is known for.
 - PC Based Flight Simulators, Part III (March 1993) - review of a newer version of ELITE

April 1993
 - Project Police Raid Elementary School? - So how would you explain aircraft stability to a bunch of 10 year olds?
 - Interstate Project Police - What might happen to you if you move out of the state and don't update you address in the chapter database.

May 1993
 - One Hour Flight Test Program to Determine Aircraft Climb Performance - Rocky and Bullwinkle detail how to quickly check your Pilot Operating Handbook climb charts or create a climb chart with just one hour of flight time.
 - Project Police At The Camarillo Fly-In - Another fly-in report from the Project Police.

June 1993
 - Design Group - Grow your own wing spar with genetically engineered wood?
 - The Project Police Do Aerobatics - President Bob flies with a former member of the Russian Aerobatic Team and gets a Czechoslovakian headache.
 - Deep In Enemy Territory With The Project Police - Learn more about how an ATC center really operates.
 - Lancair 360 First Flight
 - Test Pilot Report - Lancair 360 First Flight
 - Emergency Maneuver Training

July 1993
 - Beware The Grease Gremlins
 - There I Was, Investigating The Wrong Problem

August 1993
 - Frostbite Falls Flyer Foils Foul Fossil Fueled Fallacy - Rocky and Bullwinkle repeat their climb test after fixing a major exhaust restriction.
 - Design Group - How about "The Ideal Aircraft Engine"?

September 1993
 - The Project Police and the Great Landing Gear Swap Out - Join Russ and Bruce for the excitement of having you fuselage sliced apart to change out the landing gear mounts.
 - Piper PA-20 Pacer First Flight - First flight after a simple re-cover job turned into a restoration effort

October 1993
 - Maximum Endurance, Maximum Range, and Optimum Cruise Speeds - How to determine your best performance speeds.
 - Beechcraft Debonair

November 1993
 - Development of the Pitts S2S
 - A Look at Lancair 360 Handling Qualities
 - An Open Letter to the Editor - thoughts on a gee-whiz go fast low earth orbit aeronautical contrivance

December 1993
 - Erbman's Engine Emporium I - Find out more about your engine than intake-compression-power-exhaust. Find out what controls the RPM for best torque and best power. Why auto engines turn faster than aircraft engines, and will they wear out faster.
 - World War II Wasn't Fought By John Wayne
 - President's Column - Neico's semi-official non-response to the Lancair 360 handling qualities issue

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