January 1992
 - How I had so much time during my Christmas and New Years break yet seemed to accomplish so little - If it's not one thing, it's another. Read about the importance of proper humidity control when skinning a fuselage with plywood. Also, Norm does some rhinoplasty on his Long-EZ.

February 1992

March 1992
 - Design Group - Discussions of the Chapter 1000 Tower Flyby Device and an aluminum block V-12 engine.

April 1992
 - The Saga of Bruce's RANS S-10... - The first 250 hours of building a tube and fabric kitplane.
 - Design Group - Vern Blomquist's review of DesignCAD 3-D
 - Genesis of the Project Police - This is the one that started it all!

May 1992
 - Details, details... - Techniques for making professional looking transfer decals for your instrument panel or whereever.
 - Design Group - Thoughts on combining a moped with an ultralight

June 1992
 - Chapter 1000 Standard Work Tables - Plans and instructions for building the incredibly versatile and useful Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables -- you need some of these!
 - Design Group - An intriguing hinge design with possibilities for flaps and other moving parts
 - The First Ever Chapter 1000 Airport Barbeque - The Chapter's very first public event.
 - Project Police Blotter, June 1992 - Project reports on a Long-EZ, Glasair II, and the hazards of trying to land your homebuilt on the numbers.

July 1992
 - Design Group - A listing of useful publications and catalogs
 - Project Police Blotter, July 1992 - More project reports, and what happens when the #2 commander on the base gets his own homebuilt project.
 - Quotable Quotes... - Find out why you need all of those cool gadgets in your airplane.

August 1992

September 1992
 - Design Group - Natural Laminar Flow airfoils and CONTACT! magazine
 - Project Police Brutality!! - Sacrifice a sprinkler head for the good of the Project Police! Also a report on a BD-5B.

October 1992
 - In Defense of the Composite Homebuilder - Debunk the myths about composite construction. Find out why all Long-EZs are white. Also covers advantages and disadvantages of composite construction.

November 1992
 - From the Lame Duck Prez... - The out-going president makes a weak attempt to cover his tracks after being caught red-handed by the Project Police.
 - Project Police on the Road - Moonrise over Needles - Bob notices a rather large CRACK in his rear window on the way to Copperstate '92
 - Project Police on the Road (Again) - Reports on the Planes of Fame Museum, Flo's Airport Cafe, and Flabob International Airport and the building of the DH.88

December 1992
 - The Auster Hassle - Read about the trials and travails of trying to fly a British built Taylorcraft from Arizona to California in the heat of July, when the absolute ceiling is just a few thousand feet AGL.
 - PC Based Flight Simulators, Part I - review of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Azuresoft ELITE

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