Survival Equipment For Your Homebuilt (April 1996)

What Should I Put In My Survival Kit? (November 2012) -- Part 1

What Should I Put In My Survival Kit? (December 2012) -- Part 2

What Should I Put In My Survival Kit? (January 2013) -- Part 3

Survival Rations Taste Test -- In 1981 I was a survival instructor for the Air Force SERE program as a cadet at the USAF Academy. I've been carrying survival rations and water flex packs in my Bearhawk survival kit for years, and some of them were expiring. I bought replacements, and used the expiring supplies to finally find out what I was in for if I ever needed to consume them "in anger".

Survival Stove From A Soda Can? (February 2013) -- the YouTube links in this article no longer work. Here is another video from a guy who built on the design discussed How to Make a One Can Alcohol Stove Using a Template and Jigs

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