Pilot Gear

ANR Adapter (May 1995) - product review of a kit to convert your David Clarks into active noise reduction headsets


Tips from the Toy Master (March 1996) - Do you suffer from Gadgetosis Nervosa? Read about the ultimate flashlight (You gotta get one!)

DT/OT Evaluation of Folding Fly-In Chairs (June 2002)

Ramblings from the ToyMeister (September 2002) -- review of the Bose X headset

Tips from the ToyMaster (April 2010) -- a reprise of the article from March 1996 on a fancy-schmancy flashlight

Tips from the ToyMaster (February 2021) -- Every ten years or so we would reprint this classic article as an example of Gadgetosis Nervosa

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