Design Group

Design Group (March 1992) - Discussions of the Chapter 1000 Tower Flyby Device and an aluminum block V-12 engine.

Design Group (April 1992) - Vern Blomquist's review of DesignCAD 3-D

Design Group (May 1992) - Thoughts on combining a moped with an ultralight

Design Group (June 1992) - An intriguing hinge design with possibilities for flaps and other moving parts

Design Group (July 1992) - A listing of useful publications and catalogs

Design Group (September 1992) - Natural Laminar Flow airfoils and CONTACT! magazine

In Defense of the Composite Homebuilder (October 1992) - Debunk the myths about composite construction. Find out why all Long-EZs are white. Also covers advantages and disadvantages of composite construction.

Glasair Fuel Vent Master's Thesis (February 1993) - Doug Dodson details a solution to the problem of fuel vents letting all the fuel run out on less than level ramps.

In Defense of FAR 23 - Why FAR 23 is not FAA harrassment, but a collection of proven engineering design standards.

Design Group (June 1993) - Grow your own wing spar with genetically engineered wood?

Design Group (August 1993) - How about "The Ideal Aircraft Engine"?

Design Group (March 1994) - Thoughts on low-cost, quick-build airplane

Gascolator Bracket Design (December 1996)

Design Group - Winglets (July 1997)

Design Group - Proposed Bearhawk Modifications (September 1997)

Design Group - The Joys of Major Modifications (October 1997)

4130 Steel -- My Observations (January 1998)

Thinking of Installing Those Tokyo Tanks? (August 1998)

Capacitance Fuel Sending Unit (August 1998)

Is There a Diesel in Your Future? (January 1999)

Thoughts on Wood Fatigue (September 1999)

The Excalibur Story (October 1999)

Aircraft Cable Pulley Genealogy (November 1999)

So You Want To Be An Airplane Designer? (January 2000)

The Q-200 and Why Ya Gotta Built 'em Right (April 2000)

Ever Wonder Why The A-4 Rudder Looks Like It Does? (May 2005)

Project Police Officer Turns World of Aircraft Design On Its Ear (May 2005)

Lightning, Lichten, Lightening or ?? Holes (May 2005)

Napkin CAD (May 2005)

Thoughts on Cowling Design (July 2007)

Way Cool Web Site (August 2007) -- 3-view drawings

Bearhawk Fuel System Design And Implementation (April 2011)

Improving Taildragger Design (April 2011)

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